Tragi 705 V





The youngest member of our product family, T801 "Cluster", is a top achievement F3J thermal duration glider. It has been designed to achieve minimal sinking rate and maximum gliding rate at a remarkably wide range of speeds whilst keeping low wing load.

The design of "Cluster" took off from multitude of feedback and experience from competition pilots from different countries. This information was then combined with full utilisation of state-of-the-art computer modelling and simulation. We have used up-to-date materials and technologies to produce this solid and stiff plane at minimised weight.

The wings of "Cluster" have a set of six new optimised HX 29 airfoils. As a special quality, the airfoil has a wide peak, making it efficient at a wide range of speeds. The wing load of 26-27 gr/dm2, stall proof geometry, HX 29 airfoil and the efficient rudder makes the plane easily indicating thermals and secure to orbit. Best efficiency of flaps for the launch is available at small deflection.

As proven during testing, it is a light, fast-launching, well-orbiting and thermal sensitive plane. In short - the top performance of this plane has been successfully combined with the utmost user friendliness.
"Cluster" is offered as a complete set, containing all the necessary prefabricated parts down to ballast. Radio equipment must be obtained separately.


In September 2008, as a result of a small preproduction series, three "3D box" planes have been delivered to competition pilots in different countries.

Reportedly, "Cluster" is meeting all the expectations of the pilots. It is fast launching climbs well. It orbits superbly and always feels like there are sufficient power reserves on the elevator and the rudder, no matter what speed you are flying at. You can get it stalling eventually, but even then it remains easy to control.

The Wide peak of the airfoil makes it less critical increases flying range. In the beginning, you may feel that the HX 29 airfoil requires some time to get acquainted and accustomed to. For example, to become comfortable flying, you may find it necessary to add more difference to the ailerons than you would usually use.

All the planes in the test have different servos, receivers and batteries. Despite that, all weights are well below 2 kg. For example, a plane with six JR DS368 servos and four AA size batteries has a TOW of 1925 gr and no nose lead at all. The servo plate in the fuselage makes the plane fit for different user preferences and servos.

As pilots have described, testing the planes at 8-10 m/sec wind with full ballast on board and handling the planes without mercy, no structural damage to the plane was caused, though a number of cut winch lines were reported. Even though the "3D box" plane is not meant to be used in such a way, it is reassuring to know that the structural limits of the "Cluster" have the potential to reach beyond this!

We are continuing our efforts to provide you with the most user-friendly plane, offering the advantages of easy assembly and flexibility in the solution to meet all your personal preferences. Currently, we are testing the plane's characteristics and behaviour with different CG and wing loads to give you the best initial information about the plane. Keep checking our website to find out the latest news!

Tragi 801 X CLUSTER Assembly Manual